Only Alsace Scheduled Motorcycle Tour

for great rides in the heart of Europe.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsTo commemorate our 30th anniversary, we offer an Only Alsace bike-only scheduled motorcycle tour. The word "excursion" in our firm's name will be used daily for a week of good riding, fine dining and tasty wine excursions.

We have visited Alsace over 120 times the past 25 years and wish to show riders this hidden jewel. Because of the exceptional good riding and exquisite cuisine, we decided to concentrate on this Only Alsace tour with guaranteed departures from 12 - 19 June, 2018 and 4 - 11 September, 2018.

This tour offers many additional one-of-a-kind special features such as all evening meals with a full choice of menus in rated gourmet restaurants. Many varied Alsatian and Rhinehessen red and white wines, a red Burgundy big bottle event, beer and other beverages, and numerous culinary back-door highlights are all included in the tour price. Allow us to pleasantly surprise you with some epicurean excursions.

Riding days are shorter to allow more scenic stops of your choosing and some culinary lunches. A more leisurely pace allows for a better and more balanced riding vacation. For the June tour in Alsace we have a 3 night stay in the mountains and for the September tour we have a 3 night stay near the vinyards to experience the grape harvest.

On our various tours conducted by us the past 30 years we often stayed only 1 overnight in Alsace, France when traveling to the French and Swiss Alps or the Burgundy regions. Many dozens of times we also spent only 1 hour in Alsace on our Classic Alps route to ride a short-cut to the Black Forest. We never fully explored this region on tours because the Alps beckoned. Now it is time to fully explore Alsace and the Vosges mountains.

Alsatian village in 1991

In this century, riders can now choose a 2018 R 1200 GS or RT and many other BMW bikes.

The riding route is mostly new and innovative with enough time to sightsee or more riding, as you please. We will ride the hills, dales and mountains (up to 1,500 meters) in the southwest Alsatian province for starters and then later sample some vineyard riding towards the Rhine river or one may ride the hills again. As you please, it's your excursion.

Our arrival and departure overnights are in Mainz, Germany at the Hotel Favorite**** Superior. We have used this hotel for over 20 years and it is a perfect start location for the first full riding day. A new Weinbar and lounge costing over Euro 600,000 opened this spring to serve Bosenberg riders with the best of Rhinehessen and other world-renown wines.

Your trip is mostly in Alsace, with the first tour days traveling north to south (in the hills). After our 3-day stop at a Relais & Chateaux Spa hotel**** in the Vosges mountains, we return north with the last days riding in the lowlands with vineyards. One may also ride at higher, doubled or tripled altitudes. As you please, it is your excursion.

Wine Cellar sign in France

Roughly translated, this sign seen in Alsace really means "Ride simply, ride often, wine a lot" (but only when your bike is parked for the day).

Our Nahe valley lunch stop on the second riding day is at the Restaurant Weck. A tasting glass of a Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle Riesling trocken from the Weingut Dönnhoff owned by Hermann Dönnhoff (one of the world's best white wine vintners) is planned to be served at our table located near his vineyards. We realize bottles and throttles while riding may not mix well and bottled waters from the regional Schwollener spring are also available.

At our Palatinate mid-day stop on the seventh and last riding day, we park in the 16th century courtyard and enjoy lunch in the village of Deidesheim at the Relais & Chateaux Deidesheimer Hof.

Rhinehessen grapes

On our September tour, sample some Riesling grapes in Rhinehessen on your first riding day.

Your multilingual tour guide on a motorcycle for both tours is the founder of Bosenberg. For the repeat riders expected to join us, please note some major differences from earlier tours:

  • 2 lunches are included in the tour price on the second and seventh riding days featuring Nahe valley and Palatinate regional dishes and beverages.
  • all 5 dinners in Alsace with a menu of your choice are included featuring specially prepared regional dishes and specialties including Grands Crus and other Alsatian wines, beers, Cremant d'Alsace, digestives, waters, etc..
  • all 2 dinners in Mainz with a menu of your choice are included with specially prepared regional dishes and specialties including Rhinehessen wines, beers, Winzersekt, digestives, waters, etc..

Alsatian village of Hunspach

Discover secluded rural villages.

All evening meals are decided by riders with a menu of your choice (no pre-ordered menus). Four, 5 or 6 courses (or more) are possible in Alsace. Many Alsatian Grands Crus and selected Rhinehessen wines, beers, digestives and waters are possible. There will not be any 3-buck Chuck wines on our dinner table. Riders from California will fully understand.

Our only caveat: wine glasses tingle and contents drunk dry, dinners enjoyed and plates cleaned off. Review our gourmet dining views which will be exceeded on this ride with fresh regional fish and meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits.

The Nahe, Palatinate, Rhinehessen and Alsatian red and white wines for the table depend on the overnight or lunch locations. At our 3 night stop at Colroy-la-Roche in Alsace, we plan to have a special red Burgundy big bottle event with our evening meal. We do not wish to overlook sampling Alsace's neighboring red grapes.

We believe there will be enough fine wines at our tables, but if you wish to separately order a Bordeaux or magnum bottle of Opus One for US$ 450 or 500 US Dollars, this bottle is paid extra by you and at your expense. If you wish, you may share with your newly found friends. Some hotels offer over 300 different wine bottle vintages and perhaps a cellar visit is also possible.

After booking, riders receive an initial confirmation booking post mailing and then a detailed tour information packet received about 4 weeks before the tour starts. Your 15-piece detailed tour information packet contains your EuroRider tour booklet with detailed day-by-day itineraries (with GPS hotel coordinates), clothing list, emergency procedures, safety information, descriptive regional brochures, 1:200,000 map, hotel details and other useful travel and visitor tips. It answers any and all possible questions.

If our riding areas are not known by you, please review some Wikipedia links for the Route des Cretes, Vosges mountains and Palatinate forest.

A tour narrative is at the end of this page. Our tour route map is also helpful for an overview on all tour routes.

Deidesheimer Hof

During lunch at the Deidesheimer Hof, slow food with excellent service is appreciated and enjoyed.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOnly Alsace Itinerary (8 days/7 nights)

  • Day 0/Mon. Depart North or South America, or already in Europe.
  • Day 1/Tue. Arrive Frankfurt/Main, Germany in the morning/mid-day. Transfer to dealers and Mainz****S. (18 mi./30 km.)
  • Day 2/Wed. to Wissembourg***, Alsace, France (110 mi./180 km.)
  • Day 3/Thur. to Colroy-la-Roche**** (June) or Saint Hippolyte**** (September), Alsace, France (120 or 140 mi./190 or 220 km.) or more, as you please
  • Day 4/Fri. Rest and relax (hotel swimming pool, sauna, wellness spa area, fitness room, etc.) and/or riding day, as you please
  • Day 5/Sat. Rest and relax, and/or riding day, as you please
  • Day 6/Sun. to Rott***, Alsace, France (110 mi./180 km.) or more, as you please
  • Day 7/Mon. to Mainz****S., Germany Return motorcycle to dealers. (100 mi./160 km.)
  • Day 8/Tue. Morning or mid-day transfer to airport or Mainz train station. (18 mi./30 km.)
  • Riding distance: circa 700 miles/1,100 kilometers (or more, as you please)

Only Alsace tour route

The Only Alsace tour route approximates the marked green, orange and red routes into Alsace. The specific tour itinerary is to the left.

Tour Dates
12 - 19 June, 2018

4 - 11 September, 2018

Only Alsace motorcycle tour logo

Single supplement
Model upgrade supplement
US $5,475 US $4,825 US $985 Standard model included in rider price
Comfort US $585
Sport US $775
Sport-tour US $965
Top US $1175
Super US $1285
Super Deluxe US $1510

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsFeatures and services

  • Guaranteed departures
  • Insured BMW F 700 GS, Honda or Yamaha standard class model rental motorcycle with unlimited mileage, free use and third party liability, collision and comprehensive insurance with safety deductible of € 1,500
  • Transfers from/to Frankfurt/Main airport, Mainz hotels and motorcycle dealers
  • 7 overnights in comfortable and select hotels 4****S (two) in Germany, 4**** (one) and 3*** (two) in Alsace, France
  • all 5 dinners in Alsace with a menu of your choice featuring specially prepared regional dishes and specialties including Grand Cru and other Alsatian wines, beers, Cremant d'Alsace, digestives, waters, coffee, etc.
  • Special red Burgundy big bottle event at our 3 night stop
  • Cleebourg winery wine tasting with cellar visit
  • all 2 dinners in Mainz with a menu of your choice featuring specially prepared regional dishes and specialties including Rhinehessen wines, beers, Winzersekt, digestives, waters, coffee, etc.
  • all breakfasts (buffet)
  • 2 lunches included on second and seventh riding days featuring Nahe valley and Palatinate regional dishes and beverages
  • Welcome get-together reception with EuroRider and safety briefing where refreshments are on us
  • Multilingual tour guide on a motorcycle
  • 2nd guide in support van with room for passengers
  • Small groups up to 12 persons and 8 bikes
  • Two confirmation and information packets with brochures, EuroRiding tips, many detailed touristic maps and handouts, 1:200,000 maps for each rider
  • Specially prepared 50-page tour booklet with detailed daily itineraries
  • Daily ride optional, after breakfast morning overviews with alternate routes and tips
  • First edition poster for the Kings of Kallstadt film released in 2014
  • First American edition of the book, The Labour and the Wounds, by Massimo Salvadori with a foreword by Clement Salvadori
  • Complimentary Bosenberg tour gift - Hanes Beefy T-Shirt

Rheinhessen Flag 200 years

Rhinehessen wines from the 200th anniversary year will be toasted by tingling glasses in Mainz.

French bistro in Wissembourg, France

Enjoy an espresso at a French bistro in Wissembourg.

Vosges mountains

Be sure you have your map with you when on the road.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOptions

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Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOptional arrangements and rental items (extra cost)

Early arrival Mainz tour hotel****S room reservation (per night)*************

Late departure Mainz tour hotel****S room reservation (per night)***************

top case/trunk optional rental (if available for model)**************

Prior to and/or Post-tour stayover optional motorcycle rental rate (per day)********************

Double/Twin Double/Twin US $125 Standard US $189
US $285 US $285 BMW Navigator V or Garmin Zumo 660 GPS unit optional rental (if available for model)******************* Comfort US $219
US $185 Sport US $239
Single Single tank bag optional rental Sport-tour US $259
US $235 US $235 ********* Top US $269
US $95 Super US $279
Super Deluxe US $299

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOnly Alsace tour narrative highlights

Start your ride by winding southwest through the vineyards and hills of Rhinehessen. Wander through the Palatinate forest. Perhaps you will see an Elwetritsche bird which is not only colorful, but nowadays rarely seen during the day in the Palatinate countryside. Enter France and pass through the Maginot defensive line constructed after WW I. Join the Route du Vin and stay in a colorful Alsatian wine village. Ride south through vineyards and colorful towns.

Ride south through colorful postcard picture perfect French villages. Start to climb into rolling meadows and forests and enter the Vosges mountain range. This area has more curves per kilometer than most Alpine areas.

Your ride through Alsatian, Nahe, Rhinehessen and Palatinate vineyards make your evening and lunch courses with Riesling, Scheurebe, Muscat, a spicy Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc or Noir, including many Grand Cru, Cremant d'Alsace and other wine varieties enjoyed at the dining table taste even better.

Mainz is one of the Great Wine Capitals of the world and noone needs to have a dry palate when on location. Even beer drinkers will find their favorite brew.

Storches in Alsace

Scan the horizon for low-flying storches in France.

There are dozens of different activities every day. You are provided just enough guidance and information to make a thrilling day even if you are not riding.

The Alsatians the past 150 years have never lost a war and always have been on the winner's side. This explains their German and French fluency with the Alsatian dialekt making a come-back the past 15 years. We may stop at an out-door market and practice our newly found language skills on the locals.

German wine door at Schweigen

The German Wine Door on the French border greets the grapes from Alsace.

Travel the Palatinate forest in Germany, Alsace wine route and German wine road. Visit the German Wine Door at the village of Schweigen upon your return to Mainz. We have traveled through the town of Kallstadt on the German Wine Road on most tours since 1996. Johann Heinrich Heinz (as in ketchup) and Frederick Trump (as in White House) emigrated to the USA from Kallstadt in the 19th century. A locally directed film called the Kings of Kallstadt was produced in 2014.

Enjoy a full 3 day stop in the south of the Alsace province. Ride fast or wander slowly, and you too will also be tempted to try this riding variant of wandering ever so slowly or a bit faster, as you please. If you like, visit Strassburg or the Bugatti museum near Mulhouse. Perhaps Colmar or the Kaysersberg valley interests you, as well the Welscherland in the green heart of Alsace.

Highlanders in a meadow in Alsace

If a highlander starts to trot towards you, GS riders should find their reverse gear (or wish they were on a K 1600 GTL).

Alsatians pride themselves on retaining their cultural lifestyle as a result of the German and French tug-of-war through the centuries. Experience a rich tradition with your stay here.

Gourmet dining and riding through vineyards along the picturesque Nahe river valley highlight the Riesling and Pinot Noir wines. Explore the Palatinate forest and roam the Alsace and Lorraine regions.

Get lost one more time enjoying the numerous curves in this area of hills and valleys dotted with farming villages. Great riding in the hills are promised on curving, narrow, tree-lined country roads.

Hotel Le Cleebourg in Rott

Sample Cleebourg wines from the northernmost wine region of Alsace.

Everywhere you ride, there is something to delight the senses. Charming half- timbered cottages with window boxes bursting with colorful flowers...dark, quiet woods, fragrantly scented with pine... fairy tale castles around some curves and always beautiful scenery.

Grand Ballon wandering goats

Wandering goats on the Col du Grand Ballon like to be fed crumbling baguettes.

No matter which way you plan to ride, mountain vistas, rushing rivers, cows grazing on high pastures and villages of flowered chalets welcome you. Even the most ardent sport riders take time to enjoy the flowers. Enjoy a full 3 day stop in your charming Alsatian hotel.

It is also possible to cross the Rhine river and ride the "Black Forest High Road" with its hills and curves, open meadows and green valleys. With luck you may hear a real cuckoo or more likely purchase an authentic smaller version of the Black Forest's most famous product (June tour offers the best on-trip storage). If you like, ride south to the Jura hills and enter Switzerland (customs and passport control).

Alsatian cheese wagon in the restaurant Au Boeuf Rouge

Sometimes the dessert and cheese wagon "parks" at our table.

The Vosges mountains is France's response to the Black Forest which is east across the Rhine river. Or ride west and climb the Lorraine hills and sample the new series of endless curves. There is good riding in all compass directions.

Hotel au Moulin de la Walk in Wissembourg

We have discovered idyllic overnight locations.

The Route des Crêtes or the Route of the Ridges with over 20 passes is an 89 km (55 miles) road in the Vosges mountains in eastern France, which passes through the Parc Naturel Régional des Ballons des Vosges. This regional nature park runs along the border of the departements of Haut-Rhin and Vosges. Most of the route is at an elevation in excess of 950 meters (3,117 feet), with the highest point being at the Col du Grand Ballon (1,343 meters (4,406 feet)).

The ridge forms part of the boundary between the Alsace and Lorraine regions of France. In 1871, Alsace was ceded to Germany and the ridge formed the boundary between France and Germany. During the First World War, the French military decided to create a road to follow the ridge, thus allowing easier access to the valleys on both sides, enabling the faster movement of French troops.

Route des Crêtes pass

Practice your French pronunciation on the Route des Crêtes.

The Route of the Ridges was mostly just below the ridge to the west and was thus protected from German gunfire. There is a panoramic view stretching to the Black Forest across the Rhine valley in Germany and the Hohneck, Petit Ballon and Grand Ballon summits in the Vosges mountains.

Deidesheimer Hof in Deidesheim

A starter lunch possibility at the Deidesheimer Hof included in your tour price.

On the last riding day, we return north to Mainz passing through Bockenheim on the Suedliche Weinstrasse (Southern Wine Road). We stop for lunch in Deidesheim at the Deidesheimer Hof and park in the 16th century courtyard. Riders will find this slow food stop in the Cittàslow town of Deidesheim to be a fitting last lunch for this tour.

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