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Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsWe offer private group tours on our varied tour routes for friends, clubs and companies for 8 or more persons at a Frankfurt/Main, Germany gateway. Reserve an escorted tour solely for your group with an itinerary described in this home page. Tour length variations are possible on proven routes we have conducted previously.

Please provide us your group's time frame, tour area and days, expected bike models and quantity, estimated number of persons and any special requests. Bosenberg provides your group a specific free-of-charge tour offer with prices and features on your requested itinerary.

If requesting fewer tour days, your tour prices are reduced by a daily percentage across-the-board. For instance, two days less on a Swiss Alps tour (10 days instead of 12) costs 16% less for riders, 16% less for passengers, 16% less for a single room and 16% less for a model upgrade supplement. For 2 days less on a Castles and Grapes tour (6 days instead of 8) costs 25% less across-the-board for all cost areas.

Piz Calmot restaurant on the Oberalppass on the Classic Alps tour

Enjoy well-prepared food and good views on the Oberalppass.

A complete tour brochure extract narrative is at the end of this page or review our Acrobat Reader PDF files page to download our tour brochure or page extracts. Our tour route map is also helpful for an overview on all tour routes.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsItinerary (12 days/11 nights)

  • 0/Mon. Depart North America or already in Europe.
  • 1/Tue. Arrive Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Transfer Mainz. (18 mi./30 km.)
  • 2/Wed. to Titisee-Neustadt (190 mi./320 km.)
  • 3/Thur. to Brienz am Brienzersee, Switzerland (120 mi./190 km.)
  • 4/Fri. Brienz am Brienzersee (rest or riding day)
  • 5/Sat. to Pontresina (150 mi./220 km.)
  • 6/Sun. to Voels am Schlern, Italy (150 mi./240 km.)
  • 7/Mon. Voels am Schlern (rest or riding day)
  • 8/Tue. to Seefeld/Tirol, Austria (100 mi./160 km.)
  • 9/Wed. Seefeld/Tirol (rest or riding day)
  • 10/Thur. to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany (210 mi./340 km.)
  • 11/Fri. to Frankfurt/Main and Mainz. Return motorcycle. (150 mi./240 km.)
  • 12/Sat. Morning transfer to airport. Riding distance: 1,500 miles/2,500 kilometers (or more, as you please)

Classic Alps tour in Bavarian Alps

The Leutasch gorge in the Bavarian Alps rides smooth in fourth gear.

Classic Alps motorcycle tours

The map route marked in blue is used for this tour itinerary.

Classic Alps and Dolomites tour

Burg Hornberg offers a great lunch with views of the Neckar valley.

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tour logo

12-day Classic Alps tour in the Black Forest, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Bavaria for 8 or more persons start at our Frankfurt/Main, Germany gateway with your weekday tour start date of choice.

Single supplement
Model upgrade supplement
US $6,345 US $4,875 US $785 Standard model included in rider price
Comfort US $685
Sport US $875
Sport-tour US $1165
Top US $1375
Super US $1585
Super Deluxe US $1925

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsFeatures and services

  • Transfers from/to Frankfurt/Main airport, hotels and motorcycle dealers
  • Insured BMW F 750 GS, Honda or Yamaha standard class model rental motorcycle with unlimited mileage, free use and third party liability, collision and comprehensive insurance with safety deductible of € 1,500.
  • 11 overnights in comfortable and select hotels 3*** and 4****
  • all breakfasts (buffet)
  • all dinners except on rest days at 2 or 3-day stops featuring specially prepared regional dishes and specialties
  • Welcome get-together reception where refreshments are on us
  • Multilingual tour guide on motorcycle
  • 2nd guide in support van with room for passengers
  • Luggage transfer from room to room
  • Small groups up to 10 - 12 bikes
  • EuroRider and safety slide show
  • Daily ride morning overviews with alternate routes and tips
  • Specially prepared 50-page tour booklet with detailed daily itineraries
  • Information packet with brochures, EuroRiding tips and detailed maps for each rider
  • Complimentary Bosenberg tour gift
  • Guaranteed departures

motorcycle tour Classic Alps & Dolomites

motorcycle tour Classic Alps & Dolomites

motorcycle tour Classic Alps & Dolomites

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOptions

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOptional arrangements and rental items (extra cost)

Early arrival Mainz tour hotel**** room reservation (per night)*************

Late departure Mainz tour hotel**** room reservation (per night)***************

top case/trunk optional rental (if available for model)**************

Prior to and/or Post-tour stayover optional motorcycle rental rate (per day)********************

Double/Twin Double/Twin US $125 Standard US $189
US $285 US $285 BMW Navigator V or Garmin Zumo 660 GPS unit optional rental (if available for model)******************* Comfort US $219
US $185 Sport US $239
Single Single tank bag optional rental Sport-tour US $259
US $235 US $235 ********* Top US $269
US $95 Super US $279
Super Deluxe US $299

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsClassic Alps & Dolomites tour narrative

Ride this tour for exploring the eastern Alps, select our French & Swiss Alps tour for the western Alps or choose our Burgundy & Swiss Alps tour for a gourmet ride of a lifetime. No matter your decision, both offer great scenery and plenty of curves, climbs and switch back roads... truly a rider's paradise on earth. Looking up in the valleys is just as exciting as looking down while on passes and peaks.

Start your ride by winding along the Rhine river and through the vineyards and hills of Rhinehessen. The hills and curves slowly start with open meadows and green valleys of the Black Forest and later finish with Italy's highest peak.

motorcycle tours Classic Alps & Dolomites

Stop by the Fritz Egli garage in the town of Bettwil. Considered by many to be the best engine tuner and frame constructor in Europe, he calls himself simply "a mechanic".

Climb to 10,000 feet and streak later through a valley and then climb once again. Picturesque Alpine villages and enchanting castles are almost around every curve. Discover the scenic wonders abounding in the land of William Tell, savor the quiet lapping waters of the Vierwaldstaeten-See and its crowned jewel and resort town of Lucerne.

motorcycle tours Classic Alps & Dolomites

Explore the wood-carvers village of Brienz am Brienzersee. See Lauterbrunnen and its postcard perfect valley. Take the highest European mountain railway through Mt. Eiger to the Jungfraujoch in the Berner Oberland mountain area. Enjoy an incredible view of the largest glacier in Europe, the Aletsch.

Greet the first of the Swiss passes such as the Susten, Grimsel and Furka. The peaks and valleys seem to call out your name as you start to challenge them for a full week. Over 40 passes introduce themselves to you over the course of your travels in the Grison and Engadin regions of Switzerland, the Dolomites of Italy and Tyrol and Vorarlberg areas of Austria.

Challenge passes such as the Spluegen, Albula, Jaufen; the Sella-Joch, Pordoi- Joch and Stilfser-Joch. Not only exciting rides are offered every day, but new adventures in taste are waiting for you at your dining table. Try Swiss Raclette or Fondue or Tyrolean Speckknoedel or a Bavarian Hefe Weissen mit Brezeln.

Classic Alps and Dolomites tour

See the Rhone glacier. Climb to ride the Oberalppass and Rhine river source. Enter Italy and now you are on the spur of Andreas Hofer, an early 19th century idealist and a Tyrolean hero. Ride narrow roads and sample your first drafts of the special air of the Dolomites, as you ride carefree through villages and meadows without a care in the world.

Classic Alps and Dolomites tour

Your riding activities are not only curve- twisting but tongue-twisting as well trying to pronounce all the passes you'll come to know and love! Practice your Italian and ride the Santa Lucia, Monte Pelmo, Col di Lana, and the Falzarego.

Enter Austria through the back door. With luck you may see the wild horses and goats at the Timmelsjoch. At your 2 day stop, see the Olympic city of Innsbruck with its Goldenes Dachl of Emperor Maximilian. Or you can visit King Ludwig's 19th century fairy-tale castles, Neuschwanstein and Linderhof or the beautiful Wieskirche. Perhaps you will also believe, as the Bavarians do, one and all, that "their" Ludwig wasn't so crazy after all!

Enter Germany and enjoy a short stretch of Autobahn through the Allgau and Bavaria rolling landscapes. Cross the Danube river as it starts to wind its way east.

Ride the Franconia region and enjoy country roads to a fairy-tale stay in the medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the best- preserved 13th century fully walled town in Europe. Walk ramparts and cobbled streets. Climb the Old Town Hall at the Market Square for spectacular views and roof angles. Take a walk with the night watch man as he makes his rounds.

Ride the Goetz von Berlichingen trail, named after a nobleman who supported peasant revolts of the 16th century and received an iron hand and dungeon stay for his efforts. Or if you'd like, visit the motorcycle museum at Langenburg or ride the Odenwald forest.

motorcycle tours Classic Alps & Dolomites

Explore the scenic Neckar river valley as it meanders through quaint and colorful wine villages to the "Student Prince" university town of Heidelberg. See the grand castle and visit the Altstadt (Old City). Your tour is almost over as you mount your steed one last time, ride the cobblestone streets and enter the Autobahn for a short and fast ride towards Frankfurt/Main.

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