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Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsWe offer private group tours on our varied tour routes for friends, clubs and companies for 8 or more persons at a Frankfurt/Main, Germany gateway. Reserve an escorted tour solely for your group with an itinerary described in this home page. Tour length variations are possible on proven routes we have conducted previously.

Please provide us your group's time frame, tour area and days, expected bike models and quantity, estimated number of persons and any special requests. Bosenberg provides your group a specific free-of-charge tour offer with prices and features on your requested itinerary.

Castles and Grapes tour stop at the Cheval Blanc in France

The magnificent eight are ready to ride again.

If requesting fewer tour days, your tour prices are reduced by a daily percentage across-the-board. For instance, two days less on a Swiss Alps tour (10 days instead of 12) costs 16% less for riders, 16% less for passengers, 16% less for a single room and 16% less for a model upgrade supplement. For 2 days less on a Castles and Grapes tour (6 days instead of 8) costs 25% less across-the-board for all cost areas.

A tour narrative is at the end of this page. Our tour route map is also helpful for an overview on all tour routes.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOur Castles & Grapes tour of 8 days/7 nights features a 3 country loop through France, Germany and Luxembourg. Tour starts and ends at Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Castles are seen hourly and continually beckon you to park and take a photograph. Visit a few of them if you'd like, but remember, you'll see over 200 castles on your trip! Your ride through the Rhein and Moselle vinyards makes your optional evening regional wines at the dining table taste even better. Castles during the day and grapes at night make a good combination for this trip.

Mosel river

Cruise along the Moselle river and explore vineyards in 3 countries.

Rhine river

Castle sighting along the Rhine river.

Gourmet dining and riding through vineyards along the picturesque Moselle and Rhein river valleys highlight Riesling and Pinot Noir wines. Explore the Palatinate forests, volcanic Eifel and Vosges hills. Roam the Alsace, Lorraine and Ardennes regions.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsItinerary (8 days/7 nights)

  • 0/Mon. Depart North America or already in Europe.
  • 1/Tue. Arrive Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Transfer to dealers and Mainz. (18 mi./30 km.)
  • 2/Wed. to Niedersteinbach, France (110 mi./180 km.)
  • 3/Thur. to Remich, Luxembourg (120 mi./190 km.)
  • 4/Fri. Remich, (rest or riding day)
  • 5/Sat. to Traben-Trarbach, Germany (100 mi./160 km.)
  • 6/Sun. Traben-Trarbach, (rest or riding day)
  • 7/Mon. to Mainz. Return motorcycle. (140 mi./220 km.)
  • 8/Tue. Morning transfer to airport. (18 mi./30 km.) Riding distance: circa 600 miles/1,000 kilometers (or more, as you please)

Castles and Grapes tour route

The map route marked in green is used for this tour itinerary.

Nürburgring race track

If you like to go fast, going faster is never fast enough.

Castles & Grapes motorcycle tour logo

8-day Castles & Grapes tour in Rhine and Moselle river valleys, Nürburgring, Luxembourg and Alsace/France for 8 or more persons start at our Frankfurt/Main, Germany gateway with your weekday tour start date of choice.

Single supplement
Model upgrade supplement
US $4,985 US $3,735 US $615 Standard model included in rider price
Comfort US $585
Sport US $775
Sport-tour US $965
Top US $1175
Super US $1285
Super Deluxe US $1510

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsFeatures and services

  • Transfers from/to Frankfurt/Main airport, hotels and motorcycle dealers
  • Insured BMW F 750 GS, Honda or Yamaha standard class model rental motorcycle with unlimited mileage, free use and third party liability, collision and comprehensive insurance with safety deductible of € 1,500.
  • 7 overnights in comfortable and select hotels 3*** (one - with gourmet restaurant) and 4**** (four)
  • all breakfasts (buffet)
  • all dinners except on rest days at 2-day stops featuring specially prepared regional dishes and specialties
  • Welcome get-together reception where refreshments are on us
  • Multilingual tour guide on motorcycle
  • 2nd guide in support van with room for passengers
  • Luggage transfer from room to room
  • Small groups up to 10 - 12 bikes
  • EuroRider and safety slide show
  • Daily ride morning overviews with alternate routes and tips
  • Specially prepared 50-page tour booklet with detailed daily itineraries
  • Information packet with brochures, EuroRiding tips and detailed maps for each rider
  • Complimentary Bosenberg tour gift
  • Guaranteed departure

Rhine river

Ferry crossings offer castle sightings.

Rhine river overlook at Bingen

Enjoy panoramic river views.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOptions

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOptional arrangements and rental items (extra cost)

Early arrival Mainz tour hotel**** room reservation (per night)*************

Late departure Mainz tour hotel**** room reservation (per night)***************

top case/trunk optional rental (if available for model)**************

Prior to and/or Post-tour stayover optional motorcycle rental rate (per day)********************

Double/Twin Double/Twin US $125 Standard US $189
US $285 US $285 BMW Navigator V or Garmin Zumo 660 GPS unit optional rental (if available for model)******************* Comfort US $219
US $185 Sport US $239
Single Single tank bag optional rental Sport-tour US $259
US $235 US $235 ********* Top US $269
US $95 Super US $279
Super Deluxe US $299

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsCastles & Grapes tour narrative

Start your ride by winding along the Rhine river through the vineyards and hills of Rhinehessen. Wander through the Palatinate forest. Enter France and pass through the Maginot defensive line constructed after WW I.

Ride southwest through colorful postcard picture perfect French villages. Start to climb into rolling meadows and forests and enter the Vosges mountain range. This area has more curves per kilometer than most Alpine areas.

City of Luxembourg bridge

The Vosges mountains is France's response to the Black Forest which is just across the Rhine river. Ride west and climb the Lorraine hills and sample the endless variety of curves.

Rhine river photo stop

Alsatians pride themselves on retaining their cultural lifestyle as a result of the German and French tug-of-war through the centuries. Experience a rich tradition with your stay here.

Through endless rolling hills and forests cross the Moselle river and enter Luxembourg. This river takes its time as it wanders to the Rhine, and you too will also be tempted to try this riding variant of wandering ever so slowly or a bit faster, as you please.

Ride the Luxembourger Swiss Alps or explore the lake and forests of the nature park Öwersauer. Or cruise southeast and take a stroll through the European Community city of Luxembourg and its Cassamaten fortifications.

Nürburgring on a race day

On your 2 days in Luxembourg discover one of the best kept secrets of European motorcycling. Challenge back roads in Luxembourg and Belgium. Discover the sleepy farm villages in the Ardennes highlands. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg promises great riding on curving, narrow, tree-lined country roads.

Rhine river and castle

Cross the unnoticeable border into Belgium to view Bastogne with the MacAuliffe Square and Mardasson Memorial monument to the "Battle of the Bulge" fallen soldiers. Get lost one more time enjoying the numerous curves in this area of hills and valleys dotted with farming villages. Perhaps you wish to ride the Hohes Venn forested plateau.

Cafe Fahrtwind in Hönningen (near Nürburgring)

See the many monuments dotting the landscape commemorating General Patton and the valiant soldiers of his Third Army. If you like, visit the Hamm National World War II American cemetery. Many well known WW II battle areas cross the roads you ride.

Niederwald monument at Rüdesheim on Rhine river

At our 2 day stops in Luxembourg and Germany, riders can park their bikes and/or passengers can explore century-old historical areas that surround our hotels.

Roman baths at Trier

Ride the meandering Moselle river valley. As you wish, enter the two thousand year old city of Trier with its Porta Nigra, Roman coliseum and baths. If you like, take a detour and climb the hills for a visit to the outdoor Aircraft Museum near Hermeskeil or perhaps visit Cochem with its' historical center and Reichsburg fortress and/or travel to Burg Eltz.

Nürburgring race track

Discover the volcanically formed Eifel hills. If you like, visit the legendary Nürburgring race track and the adjoining museum and castle.

Marksburg at Braubach on Rhine

The Rhine valley is a designated United Nations World Heritage Site, but enjoy it even more by using 2 wheels for your travels. Perhaps visit the Loreley. Listen closely and hear her fateful song of centuries past which lured ships into the rocks (but never a rider...).

General Patton memorial at Arlon, Belgium

See the Deutsches Eck (German Corner) and Kaiser Wilhelm memorial at the Rhine and Moselle river confluence at Koblenz. Gaze upon the remnants of the Remagen bridge made famous by a popular WW II film.

There are dozens of different activities every day. You are provided just enough guidance and information to make a thrilling day even if you are not riding.

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