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for great rides in the heart of Europe.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsPlease print out the tour application form below, fill out, sign and date, and either fax or airmail to us. Our fax number is (011)+49-671-67153. Additional instructions are below the form.

Driver/Rider Name _____________________________________ Age ____

Passenger Name (if applicable) ____________________________ Age ____

Address _________________________________________________________

City + State or Province _________________________________________

Country + Postal Code _________________________________________

Area Code + Tel. no. ____________________ / at night __________________

Fax no. _________________________________

E-mail Address _________________________________

Tour Name ________________________ Time Frame ________________

Please check and fill in the applicable boxes:

__ I/We request a standard class model (included in rider price):

1st choice ____________ 2nd ch. ___________

__ I/We request a motorcycle upgrade (with applicable supplement):

1st choice ____________ 2nd ch. ___________ 3rd ch. ___________

__ If undecided as to the specific model or make, please check your model type preferences (1st and 2nd choices). We will provide a suitable motorcycle based upon your style wishes for your tour use:

Tour ____ Sport-tour ____ Dual-sport ____ Sport _____ Cruiser ____

__ I wish to reserve a single room (with supplement).

__ I/We request early arrival and/or late departure stay-over tour hotel reservations (at extra cost per tour options).

upon early arrival (Mainz only): the night of ______________ to _______________

single room ___ double/twin room ___

at late departure (Frankfurt/Main only): the night of ______________ to _______________

single room ___ double/twin room ___

__ I/We request to rent our tour model prior to and/or after a tour for an additional time frame (at extra cost per stay-over optional daily model rental rate).

Pick-up date (prior to tour start) ____ and/or Drop-off date (after tour finish) ____

Pick-up date (upon arrival) _________ Drop-off date (at departure) _________

__ I/We wish to rent helmets: Size(s): Small ___ Medium ___ Large ___ Extra-Large ___

Based upon availability, we wish to rent the following additional equipment:

tank bag ___ top case / trunk (if not model feature) ___

Garmin Zumo 550 or 660, BMW Navigator IV GPS unit __

This application is made based upon this home page which reflects the information contained in the current Bosenberg tour brochure. I/We have read and understand the terms and conditions governing tour programs and motorcycle rental. As a driver, I am an experienced, responsible, and healthy motorcyclist with a valid motorcycle license for the model displacement size requested.

A deposit of US $1000 (or Euro 1000 - depends upon tour pricing) for each person is enclosed or the credit card authorization signed.


Driver/Rider's Signature and Location/Date


Passenger's Signature and Location/Date

Do you wish your final tour balance payment automatically processed (after you are booked and invoiced) with your credit card organization 8 weeks prior to tour start?

___ Yes No ___

I authorize the applicable tour deposit (and per selection above for the final tour payment) to be charged against my credit card organization account.

___ MasterCard ___ VISA ___ JCB

Card Number | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ | __ |

Expiration Date | ______ | ______ | ______ | (Day / Month / Year)

3-digit CVV2 value security no. | __ | __ | __ | (On back of MC/Visa cards after account number)

Name on Card ___________________________________________________


Credit Card Holder Signature

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsHow to sign-up for your motorcycle tour

  • Your private group or custom tour application can be done on-line, by mail or fax. Each bike driver/rider should submit a completed form.
  • If not done already, please review our tour overview, options and arrangements, models and upgrades and terms and conditions sections.
  • A booking reservation inquiry confirmed positively by Bosenberg should be followed within 7 days by a tour application and deposit.
  • Deposits of US $1000 (or Euro 1000 - depends upon tour pricing) per person are possible by personal check (drawn on a US bank), postal money order, credit card authorization (MasterCard, VISA and JCB) or bank funds wire (Bosenberg Motorcycle Excursions, c/o Sparkasse Rhein-Nahe; Kornmarkt 5, 55543 Bad Kreuznach, Germany; Account/Konto no.: 2824, Bank/BLZ no.: 560 501 80, SWIFT BIC: MALA DE51 KRE, IBAN no.: DE06 5605 0180 0000 0028 24).
  • Our confirmation is sent to you by email (and/or by fax) and we mail your final invoice, initial tour information and our 16-page full-color tour brochure.
  • Since we have a 2 frame home page, click with your mouse on the tour application frame one time (not on a link) to print or review our Acrobat Reader PDF files page to download our tour application.

motorcycle tour Classic Alps & Dolomites

  • After invoicing, your final payment is due at least 8 weeks prior to tour start. Check-off if you wish to have your final payment automatically processed with your credit card organization 8 weeks prior to a tour. If booking less than 8 weeks prior to a tour, full payment is requested.
  • Bosenberg can also make your early arrival or late departure hotel reservations only for the tour hotels used in Mainz and Frankfurt/Main.
  • Insure any special requests or options are checked-off or filled-in correctly.
  • You receive your 15-piece tour information packet about 4 weeks before the tour starts.
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