Motorcycle rental features

for great rides in the heart of Europe.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsTwo motorcycle rental rates are available: All-Inclusive or Standard

All features are the same for both the All-Inclusive or Standard rental rate except for the kilometer calculation (unlimited miles or 200 kilometers (124 miles) free per day.

All-Inclusive motorcycle rental rates include:

  • Unlimited kilometers
  • collision and comprehensive motorcycle insurance with a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) deductible of € 1,500 (Germany and Italy) or CHF 2,000 (Switzerland) for standard and comfort class models; € 2,000 (Germany and Italy) or CHF 2,500 (Switzerland) for sport and sport-tour class models; and € 2,500 (Germany) or € 3,000 ( Italy) or CHF 3,000 (Switzerland) for top, super, deluxe, super deluxe and Spyder RT SE6 class models.
  • LDW deductible is also the safety and security deposit
  • third party liability insurance
  • applicable country Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • 2 hard side-cases, leather side bags, soft side bags and/or roll bags (depends upon model)
  • EuroRider travel information packet

Standard motorcycle rental rates include all the features listed above except for 200 kilometers (124 miles) free per day with extra kilometers over this daily average charged in € 0.35 - 0.70 (Germany and Italy) or CHF 0.50 - 0.95 (Switzerland) per kilometer depending on model and gateway country.

Can-Am Spyder models are rented only with a Standard-Plus 300 kilometers (186 miles) free per day with extra kilometers over this daily average charged at CHF 0.50 per kilometer. Please review our specially created Can-Am Spyder page.

motorcycle rentals view in Alps

If you plan to ride longer distances, the All-Inclusive rate offers unlimited kilometers.

If you intend to do more sight-seeing, the Standard rate offers 200 kilometers (124 miles) free per day.

There are no surprises, no unexpected extras, no preparation or cleaning fees, no extra sales or other taxes, no extra operator, no passenger, no seasonal surcharges or other charges upon arrival.

We guarantee your rental rate in US Dollars. Models are 2018 and renewed on a regular basis. Similar models will be offered for the year 2019 season when the manufacturer model line is known.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsUpon receipt of your application by post mail, fax or on-line booking, Bosenberg completes:

  • Rental center coordination for a reservation based upon your model or class choices, rental time frame and requested gateway.
  • Confirmation sent airmail (or e-mail or fax) along with final invoice and EuroRider travel information packet.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsAt rental center arrival:

  • English language rental agreement
  • Free suitcase storage space
  • Travel tips, information and route advice
  • Hotel room reservation assistance for arrival and departure nights

motorcycle rentals in the Alps

motorcycle rentals in the Alps

  • Berlin, Germany offers BMW and Kawasaki.
  • Frankfurt/Main, Germany offers BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, KTM, Piaggio and Yamaha.
  • Munich, Germany offers BMW.
  • Milan, Italy offers BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson and Moto Guzzi.
  • Bern, Switzerland offers BMW, Honda and KTM.
  • Geneva, Switzerland (at Annemasse, France) offers BMW and Harley-Davidson.
  • Zurich, Switzerland offers BMW, Indian, Victory and Can-Am Spyder.
  • If interested in Can-Am Spyder rentals at our Frankfurt/Main, Germany or Zurich, Switzerland gateways, please review our specially created Can-Am Spyder page.
  • Special delivery and one-way rentals between gateways are not possible. Rentals must be returned to the same location from where they were picked-up. 

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsEuroRider travel and other information

Rentals can only be picked-up or returned during operating hours and can be signed for on the day of flight arrival. Special delivery and one-way rentals are not possible. Room reservations for your arrival and departure nights will be made upon arrival at your request by the rental center at a local nearby hotel which meets your comfort standard (or you can make your own reservations directly to a hotel of your choice per the hotel list sent to you).

Rentals are available from April through October. In Italy only, also from March through November. Rental center opening hours are: Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Sundays and holiday dates are always closed. In Switzerland only, Mondays are closed.

motorcycle rentals view in Alps

The holiday date closures for 2018: March 30, April 2; May 1, 10, 21 and 31; August 1 (Switzerland) and 15 (Italy and Switzerland), October 3 (Germany) and November 1 (Italy).

If you wish, bring along a tank bag for use if you know it will fit your designated model. Your dealer also sells a wide variety of riding apparel with quality European name brand jackets, gloves, leathers, boots, rain suits and other clothing items.

Some dealers offer a Garmin Zumo 660 or BMW Navigator V GPS unit rental with European maps, English menu and instructions for US$ 19 per day.

If available, the GPS unit rental is pre-wired and pre-installed on your bike. Rental also includes a 15 minute instruction on its use and numerous features upon arrival.

Our EuroRider travel information packet with 10 - 12 items is updated every season and contains:

  • detailed instructions explaining how to reach a rental center using the convenient public transportation network from your gateway airport (30 - 75 minutes or faster by taxi)
  • International Driver's License (IDL) application (US residents only)
  • EuroRider information booklet
  • Euro traffic rules and sign information
  • Gateway country map with travel tips
  • Rental center area hotel list
  • EuroRiding insider tips
  • other useful travel information

Helmets are always available for rental. Depending upon model and rental center, and at an extra charge, it is possible to rent a tank bag, top case and GPS unit. Check-off your requested equipment on your application. If available for your requested model it is confirmed on your invoice.

Dolomites in Italy

Book a rental securely on-line or by fax

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsTour packets

As a special service to rental clients, we sell complete tour information packets at US $165 per packet (airmail postage paid).

  • Only Alsace on a Route des Cretes loop with over 20 passes through the Vosges mountains in Alsace and Lorraine regions, France. Travel the Palatinate forest in Germany, Alsace and German wine roads.
  • Burgundy & Swiss Alps with Switzerland, the Black Forest, Burgundy, Franche-Comte and Alsace/France;
  • Classic Alps & Dolomites in the Black Forest, Switzerland, Italy, Austria with Tyrol and Bavaria;
  • French & Swiss Alps with Switzerland, northwest Italy, the Black Forest and Alsace/France.
  • Castles & Grapes in France, Germany and Luxembourg. Ride the Palatinate forest, Eifel, Vosges hills, Alsace, Lorraine and Ardennes regions, picturesque Rhein and Moselle river valleys.

Tour packets weigh almost 4 pounds and include high quality maps (scale 1:300,000), tour booklet with detailed day-by-day overviews, clothing list, visitor tips, EuroRider and safety tips, descriptive regional brochures, hotel details with GPS coordinates and useful travel information. Tour routes can be reviewed at the rental gateways map. Tour packets may also be customized for tour regions you plan to visit at the same price.

Order a tour packet to help you prepare for your ride on one of our rental motorcycles in the heart of Europe!

motorcycle rentals view in Alps

Our private group tours can also be conducted with your dates of choice for your club or group of 10 persons or more. Consider using our private group or custom tour services for your special ride with friends and associates.

Review also our custom and incentive travel tours section and use our experience to your advantage for a great ride in the heart of Europe!

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Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOur private group motorcycle tours are conducted with your dates of choice for your club or group of 8 persons or more. Consider also our custom tour services for your special ride with friends and associates. Review our custom and incentive travel tours section and use our experience to your advantage for a great ride in the heart of Europe!

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsTo celebrate our 30th anniversary, we offer an 8 days professionally organized and conducted Only Alsace scheduled motorcycle tour with guaranteed departures from 12 - 19 June and 4 - 11 September, 2018. Riding days on the Alsace wine route and German wine road offer many culinary highlights.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsIf planning only a bike rental for your European riding vacation, please review our individual and group rental program with Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Munich, Germany; Bern, Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland; and Milan, Italy gateways.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsAll the essential information you need to plan your motorcycling vacation in Europe is within this home page. Please review our Acrobat Reader PDF files page to download our current tour and rental brochures or magazine articles. Our EuroRider's corner and links page provide additional information to help you plan your vacation.

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