Can-Am Spyder rentals

for great rides in the heart of Europe.

Bosenberg Motorcycle Excursions After coordinating a group rental in 2013 at our Zurich, Switzerland gateway, some riders inquired about Can-Am Spyder rentals in Europe and we now offer this 3-wheeler in our European rental program.

All motorcyclists have many fun-to-be-with neighbors, family and friends, but in the past when riding the Swiss Alps, these non-riders drove the car or were left behind to wait for a vacation postcard in the mail or a Smart phone image. Those days are now in the past.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsCan-Am driver requirements

  • A valid automobile driver's license issued to the driver for at least 1 year and combined with an international driver's license (IDL) is sufficient to rent a Spyder model. A motorcycle endorsement is not required.
  • The minimum driver's age is 22 years.
  • The driver must present at the dealer arrival a valid passport and MasterCard or VISA credit card for the final rental balance and security deposit.
  • Riders must use motorcycle helmets and preferably wear other protective gear when riding.

An international driver's license (IDL) is required to be presented to the dealer. An IDL is valid for 1 or 2 years and issued by your local government authorities and/or national automobile associations (AAA in the USA and CAA in Canada). US residents only are sent an International Driver's License (IDL) application to send to the AAA in their EuroRider information packet.

Can-Am Spyder RS model

The Spyder F3-S 1330 has a motorcycle-like forward leaning sport position which is optimal for solo riders.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsThese Spyder models are a fun-filled riding experience somewhat similar to motorcycling, but with more stability in all riding situations. Many passengers feel more secure on the RT seat than riding 2-up on a motorcycle. It is a perfect solution for persons who are inspired to ride, but whose inseams are a bit short or those who never acquired a motorcycle license because of a career and/or family.

Can-Am Spyder model

Spyder RT models look fast even when parked.

Since the Can-Am Spyder models were introduced in 2007 by the Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) corporation, the models have been constantly improved and the popularity has increased yearly. This Y-form 3-wheeler in the F3 and LTD versions have a Rotax V-twin 1330cc engine with 115 hp, belt-driven power train, Brembo brakes, heated hand-grips, adjustable windshield, reverse gear and 6-speed semi-automatic transmission with finger paddle-shifting (no foot gear shifting). Stability is enhanced with a traction control system (TCS), stability control system (SCS), dynamic servo steering (DPS) and anti-blocking system (ABS).

We only provide a short overview on this page. For detailed information and specific performance specifications of the Roadsters F3 and LTD, please review the BRP Can-Am Spyder page or search the You Tube site and hundreds of Spyder videos will be found.

All models rental rates and discounts

Please note: For Can-Am Spyder rental rates in Switzerland, all of the listed rental prices are increased by a Swiss surcharge of 15% for bookings at our Switzerland gateway.

The SNB central bank of Switzerland abandoned its national currency cap on January 15th, 2015 and the Swiss Franc's value in the currency market rose by almost 20%. Since our rental rates are in US Dollars, we are not able to absorb this fixing exchange rate increase and must apply a Swiss surcharge of 15% on all motorcycle and Can-Am Spyder rentals at only our Zurich, Switzerland gateway.

Rental class


4 - 7 days

Standard-Plus rate with 300 kilometers (186 miles) free per day


8 - 14 days

Standard-Plus rate with 300 kilometers (186 miles) free per day


15 - 21 days

Standard-Plus rate with 300 kilometers (186 miles) free per day


extra km
charge over 300 kilometers (186 miles) per day


Can-Am Spyder Roadster F3-S 1330 SE6
US $309 US $279 US $249 CHF 0.50
Super Deluxe
Can-Am Spyder Sport Cruiser F3-LTD 1330 SE6
US $339 US $309 US $279 CHF 0.50
Spyder RT SE6
Can-Am Spyder Roadster Touring RT-LTD 1330 SE6
US $369 US $339 US $309 CHF 0.50

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsCan-Am Spyder rental discounts

  • Bring a riding friend discount: Reserve 2, 3 or 4 motorcycles and/or Can-Am Spyder at the same time and save 5% off the normal per bike rental price.
  • Early bird booking discount: Reserve your Can-Am Spyder(s) at least 6 months prior to your rental start date and save 5% off the normal per bike rental price.
  • Group discount: Reserve 5 or more motorcycles and/or Can-Am Spyder at the same time and save 10% off the normal per bike rental price.
  • Repeat rider discount: If you joined us previously for a tour or rental, you qualify for a special 5% reduction off the normal per Can-Am Spyder rental price.
  • Long-term discount: Reserve your Can-Am Spyder(s) for 21 days or more and save 5% off the normal per bike rental price.

If you qualify, combine these discounts and save even more. If in a group, different makes may require other rental centers and different locations at the same gateway. Each rider/driver receives a EuroRider travel information packet.

Book a rental securely on-line or by fax

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsSpyder model information

  • The Can-Am Spyder Roadster F3-S 1330 SE6 (115 hp) is recommended for solo riders.
  • The F3-S has a motorcycle-like forward leaning seating position with an upper body angle of 12° and knee angle of 78°.
  • Equipped with 1 front case and 1 semi-rigid Cargo Travel Bag with a capacity of 44 liters, 1 rear seat SHAD water-tight bag with a capacity of 28 liters and a Garmin Zumo 660 GPS navigation unit.
  • The Can-Am Spyder Sport Cruiser F3-LTD 1330 SE6 (115 hp) is recommended for solo or 2-up riders.
  • The F3 has a motorcycle-like forward leaning seating position but the seat, handle-bars and foot rests are variable and adjustable for rider preferences.
  • Equipped with 2 side-cases and 1 front case with inner bags for a total capacity of 78 liters, driver's back rest and a Garmin Zumo 660 GPS navigation unit.

Can-Am Spyder model passenger seating

The RT passenger seating is very comfortable with wide foot support for riders and passengers.

  • The Can-Am Spyder Roadster Touring RT-LTD 1330 SE6 is recommended for riders with or without passengers.
  • The RT has an upright seating position with an upper body angle of 0° and knee angle of 98°.
  • AM/FM audio system with Ipod compatility plug.
  • Equipped with 2 side-cases, 1 rear top case and 1 front case which includes 3 semi-rigid Cargo Travel Bags (2x Side,1x Front) with a total capacity of 155 liters and a Garmin Zumo 660 GPS navigation unit.

Spyder Garmin Zumo 660 GPS navigation unit

The F3 LTD, F3-S and RT-LTD 1330 SE6 Spyder models are outfitted with a Garmin Zumo 660 GPS navigation unit included in the rental rate and positioned to keep your eyes on the road.

  • Rentals are available from April through October. The Can-Am dealer opening hours are: Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 12:00 AM and 1:30 - 5:00 PM and Saturdays from 09:00 - 12:00 AM. Sundays and holiday dates are always closed.
  • Take advantage of our 2-rider, early bird booking and group rental discounts.
  • Special delivery and one-way rentals between gateways are not possible. Rentals must be returned to the same location from where they were picked-up. 

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsCan-Am dealer rental variations

Specific dealer conditions, opening hours and feature variations which are different from our motorcycle rentals and applicable only to Can-Am Spyder rentals are listed below.

  • The Standard-Plus rental rate for Can-Am Spyder models is 300 kilometers (186 miles) free per day with extra kilometers over this daily average charged at CHF 0.50 per kilometer.
  • A valid automobile driver's license is sufficient. A motorcycle endorsement is not required.
  • Can-Am Spyder rentals require a deposit of US$ 1,500 fully applied to the rental costs. Our cancellation and refund policy at para. 3 within our rental terms and conditions is not valid for Can-Am Spyder rentals. If a Can-Am rental cancellation occurs, there is not a graduated time sequence cancellation fee charge from Bosenberg. The Can-Am dealer solely decides on the amount of any reimbursement.
  • For short-term rentals from 4 or 5 days, a EuroRider information packet is not provided. A fax number and/or e-mail address is preferred for dealer pick-up instructions and invoice forwarding.
  • If renting for 6 days or more, and reserved more than 4 weeks in advance, we air-mail to you our specially prepared 2-pound Swiss EuroRider information packet with maps, EuroRider information booklet, Zurich and other hotels list with numerous full-color travel pamphlets.
  • It is also possible to optionally rent a Can-Am helmet and Can-Am Caliber riding jacket for 2 days at US$ 60 for both days and US$ 12 for each additional day (i.e. 5 days cost US$ 96 per person, 8 days cost US$ 132 per person). Please mention your requested size(s) for your optional rental helmet(s) and jacket(s) on your rental application comments section.
  • Can-Am Spyder dealers accept only MasterCard and VISA cards. American Express and JCB cards are not usable.

Can-Am Spyder model seating

Rider seating positions vary on the F3 and RT Spyder models.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsAdditional useful information

  • Our rental features, rental terms and conditions and rental rates are applicable to these Can-Am rentals.
  • In addition to the above mentioned optional Can-Am helmet and jacket rental, it is possible to optionally rent only helmets at US $15 per day. Your dealer also sells a wide variety of Can-Am riding apparel (jackets, gloves, leathers, boots, rain suits and other clothing items).
  • After using our Can-Am dealer in Switzerland, you may travel directly to your dealer or to our recommended hotel*** (with Wi-LAN, swimming pool and gourmet restaurant) using the detailed instructions on the convenient public transportation network by train from the airport and bus which stops at the hotel.

Can-Am Spyder model colors

Spyder models are available in many colors.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOur private group motorcycle tours are conducted with your dates of choice for your club or group of 8 persons or more. Consider also our custom tour services for your special ride with friends and associates. Review our custom and incentive travel tours section and use our experience to your advantage for a great ride in the heart of Europe!

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Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsIf planning only a bike rental for your European riding vacation, please review our individual and group rental program with Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Munich, Germany; Bern, Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland; and Milan, Italy gateways.

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