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Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours

Roads ride smooth.

Mark Hoyer, feature editor at Cycle World magazine, joined us on our August, 2001 Classic Alps tour riding a Yamaha FJR 1300. His "Trial by Alps" article was in the November, 2001 issue of Cycle World.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOur comprehensive Adobe PDF downloads include:

Our 16 page full color 2018 Alpine tour brochure (1.35 MB).

Our 4 page color 2018 rental brochure (970 KB).

A 5 page French & Swiss Alps tour article "Passes by the Dozen" by Clement Salvadori featured in Rider magazine, February, 1996 (944 KB).

A 4 page Classic Alps & Dolomites tour article "Analyzing an Alpine Experience" by Clement Salvadori featured in Rider magazine, March, 2000 (626 KB).

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsSome page-by-page Adobe PDF 2018 Alpine tour brochure downloads include:

Page 6 - Motorcycle models and upgrades (130 KB)

Page 15 - Tour application (140 KB)

Page 16 - Tour terms and conditions (342 KB)

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours

It's time for a break.

Harley-Davidson Bozen

The sun always shines for our Harley dealer photo stop in Italy.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOur page-by-page Adobe PDF 2018 rental brochure downloads include:

Page 1 - Rental overview (360 KB)

Page 2 - Models and rates (270 KB)

Page 3 - Rental application (190 KB)

Page 4 - Rental terms and conditions (280 KB)

Motorcycle tour Rhine river bridge

Riders love narrow bridges.

Useful and interesting sites related to motorcycles and travel in Europe are listed at our links page. Our EuroRider's corner provides additional information to help you plan your vacation.

Pass in Vosges mountains

Discover little-known French passes.

Frauenkirche in Dresden

Frauenkirche church stops in Dresden are also enjoyed while mounted.

Bosenberg Motorcycle Excursions For more images and rider comments from past years and around the world, see also:

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Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsOur private group motorcycle tours are conducted with your dates of choice for your club or group of 8 persons or more. Consider also our custom tour services for your special ride with friends and associates. Review our custom and incentive travel tours section and use our experience to your advantage for a great ride in the heart of Europe!

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsTo celebrate our 30th anniversary, we offer an 8 days professionally organized and conducted Only Alsace scheduled motorcycle tour with guaranteed departures from 12 - 19 June and 4 - 11 September, 2018. Riding days on the Alsace wine route and German wine road offer many culinary highlights.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsIf planning only a bike rental for your European riding vacation, please review our individual and group rental program with Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Munich, Germany; Bern, Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland; and Milan, Italy gateways.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsAll the essential information you need to plan your motorcycling vacation in Europe is within this home page. Please review our Acrobat Reader PDF files page to download our current tour and rental brochures or magazine articles. Our EuroRider's corner and links page provide additional information to help you plan your vacation.



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