Euroviews 2011

for great rides in the heart of Europe.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsWe have had more than a few good and special views, riding and otherwise, which we wish to share with you. Also included are rider comments from motorcyclists who have used our rental motorcycle services the past 2 years for a great ride in the heart of Europe.

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Splügenpass in the Italian Alps

The Splügenpass offers thrills in the older tunnels on the southern descent.

Part 1 of 2

"Please do your best to improve the weather. Do that and nothing else will matter... Looking forward to sunshine and perfect weather so if you can make that happen too..."

Part 2 of 2

"...We successfully made it home with all bottles unbroken in our suitcases, and look forward to enjoying the wine while reminiscing about our wonderful vacation! We had a great time, and the weather wasn't too bad afterall! A cold day in Europe is still so much better than a hot day at work. And it really tried to only rain at night, which worked out pretty well..."

Mike and Jen J., Minnesota, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders - fifth time)

"I had the opportunity in 2001/2002 to rent two BMW motorcycles at Bosenberg. Great service and great motorcycles... Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!"

Paulo S., Brasil (repeat Bosenberg riders)

"... we had a great ride and a great trip..."

Gil D., Israel

Eschbach in the Palatinate, Germany

The Palatinate wine village of Eschbach has skateboarding donkeys and a Tapas Tavern for a tasty lunch.

Alpine roads

BMW GS riders lead the way every day.

"... We are excited about our upcoming vacation. Thanks."

Bob W., Wisconsin, USA

"... thanks a lot for all ..."

Mateo I., United Arab Emirates

"I have read up on the RT and am sure I will be more than happy with the bike, looks ideal. Very much looking forward to meeting you in July and having a great ride, am I excited………..hell yes!"

Mick M., Perth, Australia

Black Forest cuckoo clocks

Black Forest cuckoo clocks fit snugly into BMW side-cases.

Barbiano, Italy church

The Southern Tyrol church in Barbiano leans towards Pisa...

"I cannot wait for the trip. I have 3 weeks and love cruising. Look forward to finalising all the details."

Stipe M., Dubai , UAE

"Appreciate the quick confirmation, and we all look forward to seeing you... Thanks mate!"

Allan B., Australia

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"...Sehr geehrter Herr Heindel, wir freuen uns, Sie und Ihre Gruppe aus Brasilien bei uns willkommen zu heißen und verbleiben mit besten Grüßen aus Wien."

Austria Classic Hotel Wien, Vienna, Austria

"... oh, thank you for such a quick reply!! I will review everything and get back to you in the very near future. Looking forward to traveling abroad for the first time!!"

V., Texas, USA

INTERMOT trade fair Cologne flags

The INTERMOT trade fair at Cologne dazzles visitors from far and near.

Medieval monastery in Luxembourg

Medieval monastery stops help to slow down the internal rpm's.

"Perfect. Thank you."

Dean V., Florida, USA

"Thanks a lot for your support. I really appreciate."

Katsumi H., Japan (repeat Bosenberg rider)

"...we are very happy with the level of service that you provided for us. Everything from selecting bikes and choosing location to receiving all the material in the post from you has been really great..."

Simon V., Sweden

"I’m now back to reality, and just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that everything went off very well, and we had a great time. Although the weather didn’t collaborate as much as we might have expected, and we had rain for most of the second half of our trip (and even encountered a snow storm at the top of the Col de L’Iseran!!), we managed to cover almost 3,000 kms, and cross most of the important mountain passes in the region (incl. Splügen, Furka, Grimsel, Simplon, Maloja, Bernina, Julier, Gt. St. Bernard, Petit St. Bernard, St. Gotthard (Tremola), Stelvio, etc., etc.) without incident. We were very well received ..., and the bikes presented no problems at all throughout the trip (two of them, including mine, were brand new with only a few kms on the clock). Also the hotel indicated by you (Tivoli) was very satisfactory, and very conveniently located almost next door to the rental location, and very close to the train station. So, many thanks for your contribution to the success of our trip."

Keith T., Brasil

Black Forest cow bells

The Münstertal offers more than cow bells and Black Forest cheeses.

Titisee lake

After a day's ride, cherry cake on the Schwarzwaldhotel-Trescher patio is a fine way to enjoy the afternoon.

Part 1 of 2

"I have rented a Goldwing from your company last October and the experience was wonderful! Now I am thinking of renting two bikes next September... Thank you in advance for your help."

Part 2 of 2

"This is to thank you for the excellent service my friend and I received... where we picked-up 2 BMW GT / GTL 1600 last September. Specially Ruth was very nice and provided us with a series of additional travelling tips in the Swiss Alps; we were lucky with a fantastic weather, and the trip was unforgettable, just as it was last year when I rented from you a Gold in Frankfurt!..."

Carlos P., Brasil (repeat Bosenberg rider)

"Email and confirmation received. Thank you very much. Regards,"

Stephen G., Pennsylvania, USA (repeat Bosenberg rider)

"I had a great experience with your services. I did a great trip around the north of Italy and Switzerland, including a tiny bit of France at the beginning of this month. I had no trouble with the motorcycle at all. In fact, the motorcycle worked very well and the staff was very kind."

Vicente A. L., Chile

Staller Sattel pass start

Staller Sattel is best enjoyed when at the front and a traffic lamp turns green (45.3 MB and 17 seconds video clip in VLC media file (.mov) format).


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