Great rides 2009

for great rides in the heart of Europe.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsThis past season had more than a few good views, riding and otherwise, which we wish to share with you. Also included are rider comments from motorcyclists who have used our tour and rental motorcycle services in 2009 for a great ride in the heart of Europe.

Cat and Maus Macleod from California, USA are repeat riders. They joined us again for their summer ride and rented a BMW K 1300 GT. Review about over 500 images and a video clip climbing the San Bernardino pass (113.9 MB and 9 minutes in an .avi format) at their site.

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Wine from the Bosenberg hill and winery Zehmer

Riders around the world appreciate fine wines from the Bosenberg hill.

"Very gentle of you. We appreciate your help. ...and dreaming for our next bike trip. We had a wonderful time. Thanks again for your attention with us. Your recommendations were very usefull. Fantastic places. Very good bike. "

Luiz and Teia M., Brasil (repeat Bosenberg riders)

Part 1 of 3

"Maus and I had a chance to sit on a K1300GT today. She was most impressed with the ergonomics and the comfort. BMW paid attention to passenger needs. The top box is also a bonus for her comfort as well as storage. As I big guy I to felt very comfortable on it. Now to road test it... We look forward to our trip with renewed interest. Thank you for your assistance."

Cat and Maus M., California, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders)

Rose festival at Eltville on the Rhine river

Some riders wish for larger sidebags to pack a dozen jars of honey.

Stop in Deidesheim at the Deidesheimer Hof

Occasionally one must flip a coin to decide the departure direction.

"... thank you for the great days in Germany. Without doubt, this trip will always be remembered by us. Hopefully back soon. A big hug."

Flávio and Anna Flávia, VITÓRIA, Brasil

"The trip worked out nicely, thank you for your assistance in organizing the bikes."

Bart H., Florida, USA

"All went well. Nice ride, good service everything was great. Will pass along recommendation to all my friends."

Randy R., Washington, USA

"Hi Leon, just a small note to say hi and wish you a Merry Christmas... want to thank you for sending out the photos you took... We wish all the best to you and your wife in the new year, and also to thank you for being our guide on our adventure."

Rick G., British Columbia, Canada

Rhine ferry at Drusenheim

The Rhine ferry at Drusenheim offers valet bike parking free-of-charge.

Castles and Grapes motorcycle tour

Cafe Noir stops are welcomed on a sunny afternoon.

"... The touring was great and I was lucky with the weather. I like the flexibility of being able to move with the weather and my habit of stayng in B+B's works just great. The bike was great and did the job everywhere. There was some great rides in the Emmental area and in the Munster area of Alsace..."

Doug T., Alberta, Canada

"thanks for this mail.... really i have this confirmation.....o my god.......oooeyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeeessssssss"


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Part 2 of 3

"Pack arrived last week and we tried to sort through a myriad of brochures... We feel we could easily stay in Alsace for weeks. Mostly these brochures confirmed and renewed excitement for our plans. Very useful maps. They also urged us to make sure we hit some castles that were before only possibilities. I strongly considered some of the bike hotels, may still use the one in the Swiss Alps. Good stuff Leon..."

Cat and Maus M., California, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders)

"The BMW F 800 S is perfect. I should opt for the standard rate because some days I will only ride a very small amount of miles. Thank you for being honest!"

Drew R., New Hampshire, USA

Bernkastel-Kues bridge

Bernkastel-Kues offers 16th century views with 21st century ice cream.

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours

Follow the blue skies wherever they may lead you.

"... Deb and I enjoy your trips so much. The scenery is great. Your knowledge of local events and history is wonderful. We too have enjoyed some outstanding wine this year. We drank the pommard you gave us as well as the Aosta Ancienne cuvee. Bravo! I hope to tour with you again in the very near future."

Tom and Deborah K., Arkansas, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders)

"Leon, Had a great time on the bike."

Fritz A.K., New Jersey , USA

Part 3 of 3

"Well that trip was a success. Next time I'll do more time in Switzerland... the on bike video came out AWESOME. The gopro camera is THE answer after having tried unsuccessfully with 4 different other video cameras. I wish I'd shot more now that I see how well it did... You were a great help Leon in making this the trip of a lifetime..."

Cat and Maus M., California, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders)

"That was very helpful and thank you very much!"

Jack C., Minnesota, USA

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tour

GT riders need to check speedometers more often on days like this.

On the Moselle river

Gray skies and drizzle are magical elements for many GS riders.

"... that is great news. Thank you so much. People have told me that you are a great company to work with and that is what I am discovering. Thanks for the suggestion re the Rhine River run. It sounds very exciting. Especially with the forecast of good weather. I'm also pleased to hear that the height of the bike will be lower. I was concerned that the bike might be too high for me! So, many thanks."

M.S.F., Israel

"Thank you for doing this. I enjoyed our conversation this morning and I feel I have met you so I hope to meet you in person. It is also a pleasure for me to work with you. You make things easy and exciting."

M.S.F., Israel


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