Tour highlights 2006

for great rides in the heart of Europe.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsThis past season had more than a few good views, riding and otherwise, which we wish to share with you. Also included are rider comments from motorcyclists who have used our tour and rental motorcycle services in 2006 for a great ride in the heart of Europe.

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"Thank you for all your assistance and I will be looking forward to meeting you."

Paul C., Oklahoma, USA

"Looking forward to your service for my first trip to Europe."

James B., Pennsylvania, USA

Italian Alps

Discover your own special curve.

Hurlach-Kolonie Rasthaus stop on Classic Alps group tour

Sometimes you have to be careful on who's standing behind you.

"I want to thank you for your help in our trip, we enjoy very much the Alps, the bikes were excelent. I want to keep in touch with you, maybe next year we will go again to Europe... Thanks again and the best for you."

F. Gòmez Navarro, Mexico

Rental comments (part 1 of 2):

"... thank you for you timely response and all the cooperation you have provided to this point. I am looking forward to the arrival of the tour package and I am really looking forward to visiting your beautiful part of the world. You have been excellent in assisting a first timer to your country..."

Joseph R., Arizona, USA

Rental comments (part 2 of 2):

"I did receive the packet you sent and it did offer a considerable amount of information which will help a great deal in planning an itinerary. I do appreciate all that you have done and realize you have been more than accommodating with my questions and lack of knowledge on planning an overseas trip."

Joseph R., Arizona, USA

Swiss Alps Einsiedeln Kloster

Good riders are better motorcyclists after this visit.

"... Thanks again to take care of us in Germany so professionally."

Geraldo F., Brasil (Modified Classic Alps Group Tour)

Austrian Alps

Fine roads are found in the Austrian Alps.

Autumn Colors & INTERMOT 2006 tour comments (part 2 of 2):

".... Usually, I'm the navigator and read the maps as we go along; this time, we just followed Leon. What a joy to sit back on my heated seat and look at the views! The weather was delightful and we never had to don our rain gear. The fall colors weren't the spectacular reds of the eastern United States but were, nonetheless, beautiful hues of gold, orange, yellow and umber. As we rode through small villages and little towns, we were interested to see the agrarian life of most folks along the Rhine, Ahr and Moselle Rivers. The rolling foothills, incredibly green, offered corn, hay and of course, vineyards not to mention scatterings of forests near the farmland which made the views more appealing than plain farmland. Along the rivers were hills reaching 500 - 750 feet high with vineyards which also had footpaths for hikers to enjoy. Crossing the Rhine by ferry a few times reminded us that the old bridges that were bombed in World War II were not replaced but the ferry system is efficient and inexpensive..."

Lyn A. and Gary D., California, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders - 1995, 2001 and 2006)

Tour comments (part 1 of 2):

"Hey Leon and Elly, Well, we made it back home last night; almost on time. BUT two of our bags went to Los Angeles.... We had a great time and you can tell Elly all about it. We still feel honored... It was just so wonderful. And you are such a good tour guide..."

Lyn A. and Gary D., California, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders - 1995, 2001 and 2006)

Nahe river valley

Take some time to wander.

"Thank you once again for your attention. It was really useful, your advice. We have gone to a BMW store here to check the model. It is also very nice, and as you said, it will serve us according to our needs..."

Luciano and Walda C., Brasil

Swiss Alps motorcycle tours

Motorcyclists and pass roads seek the horizon.

"...All in all the motorcycle touring was just fabulous and I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues here. I hope to come back some day for more good times. The Galleria hotel was a good suggestion by the way, friendly, quiet and good location. All in all a very good experience and I hope to do it again sometime. Thanks for your service."

Douglas T., Alberta, Canada

Swiss Alps motorcycle tours

These riders are superb when parked (and moving).

...hello mr Leon here is everything okokokokokok my englis as you now is not good, but is enough to send a hello for you and of corse some you ...congratulation for your job ...was excellent..."

Antonio W., Brasil (Modified Classic Alps Group Tour)

Only Alsace motorcycle tour logoCastles & Grapes motorcycle tour logo Burgundy & Swiss Alps motorcycle tour logo French & Swiss Alps motorcycle tour logo Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tour logo

"Thanks so much for the note and pictures. It is so good to hear from you and hope all is going well for you both... We re-live our trip with you often with our friends via my slide show, and some of our family members have seen it numerous times! ...Each day of our tour was an awesome experience and the scenery was breathtaking. For me, Psalm 145 says it best: "We will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty and I will meditate on your wonderful works. We will speak of the power of your awesome works and I will proclaim your great deeds...All you have made will praise you O Lord." Thanks Leon and Elly, for a most memorable trip!"

Barbara and Chuck W., California, USA

Classic Alps

Leonardo from the Bozen H-D dealership always has time for a photograph.

Dolomites on a motorcycle tour

Some paths are reserved only for triplets.

"Thanks for your research. We'll be fine with this bike. I can't wait to start this trip. I wish we would have a chance to see you and Elli. Here's to another fabulous summer. I hope you realise how much pleasure you bring to so many people."

Larry and Gay Z., Colorado, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders)

"... We had a great time on our tour. We are in some ways still catching up with all the pictures and scrap books. Have a wonderful year... Elly... "You go girl!""

Lisa and Brial W., Indiana, USA

"Thank you for a great trip."

Scott and Shawn C., California, USA

Classic Alps motorcycle tour in Italy

A St. Prokolus chapel stop promises great weather.

Classic Alps Oberalppass lunch at Piz Calmot

Oakley sunglasses are useful at 2,000 meters on the Oberalppass.

Rental comments (part 1 of 2):

"That is fantastic! Thank you very much. I have to say, you do an excellent job of making things smooth for your customers."

Kelly C., Manitoba, Canada

Swiss Alps Emmental

Enjoy the Swiss Alps.

"This could not get any better. I will fill out the paperwork and have something in your hands by next week... Leon, we truly appreciate your taking the time to customize our tour for us."

Les M., Florida, USA

Rental comments (part 2 of 2):

"... First of all, I'll say that it was an excellent trip... I went to Cologne and Amsterdam, staying in hostels along the way. I really found that to be the best way to go, as I met alot of people my age and had much more opportunity to enjoy myself. I went next into Belgium... From there I began a battlefield tour of WW I battlefields at Flanders, Paschendaele, Frezenberg, and Vimy. Next I went to Dieppe, and found that to be a very nice town, and extremely friendly to Canadians. Following that, I toured the invasion beaches in Normandy, which was again a great experience... I carried on into Zurich, staying in a hostel and again having a great time with people I had met... I rode North to Munich, meeting up with some friends from Canada and staying a few nights there... Thanks again for setting me up for success on the first day, it helped quite a bit down the road. I would definitely recommend Bosenberg to anyone considering doing the same kind of trip as me. Thanks again!"

Kelly C., Manitoba, Canada


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