Scenery 2003

for great rides in the heart of Europe.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsThis past season had more than a few good views, riding and otherwise, which we wish to share with you. Also included are rider comments from motorcyclists who have used our tour and rental motorcycle services in 2003 for a great ride in the heart of Europe.

Ben Martin from California, USA joined us for our July, 2003 Classic Alps & Dolomites tour. See his additional photographs and a short interesting video on riding adventure highlights at his personal home page.

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" Hi Leon. We got the pictures. Kathy and I wanted to thank you so much for the great tour ! You really know your stuff and how to go about it. You took care of us on the accomodations and otherwise, and the food was excellent. You and Ellie are gracious hosts with wonderful follow through. Being with Kathy on the tour made it special for me. It is true we will have a lifetime of memories. Kathy now sleeps in her Bosenberg shirt, and I'll be able to wear mine to work, since casual attire is ok. After we got back, Kathy couldn't eat American food. The first weekend back we went to Alpine village in Torrance for a meal, but of course it couldn't compare. Then we went to a German deli in Costa Mesa when I brought my Vstrom in for servicing at Orange County Suzuki. They told us it wouldn't be the same either, because the livestock is raised differently. We'll just have to adjust. We had a great bunch on the tour. Everyone was so nice. We couldn't have asked for better. We will think of the tour often, and who knows, maybe do it again some day. Say hello to Ellie for us, and we wish you the best personally and in your business. Joe "

Joe H., California, USA

motorcycle tours in Berner Oberland

It's too cold and wet to take off all of the helmets, but the smiles are certainly there because of a terrific ride (and a break in the clouds).

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

FJR and RT riders love those cobble stones and medieval walls in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Swiss Alps motorcycle tours

Ride the Via Mala gorge along the Rhine river.

"Thank you so much for your prompt help in arranging a bike rental on such short notice!"

Richard O., New York, USA

"Dear Sirs: We had a great Ride in Germany. The Motorcycle was very nice. The Dealer was nice and very knowledgeable... Thanks for the great service."

Richard W., California, USA

"I want to thank you for a great vacation... After my accident I was somewhat humiliated and concerned about me completing the trip. Your offer to ride your motorcycle was extremely generous. However, knowing the BMW dealer in Thun made the day. Other than a bruise or two and a small blow to my pride I was ready to go immediately. I sincerely appreciate professional relations with dealers and technical personnel along the tour route... You run a well organized tour that you and Miss Elle should be justly proud to own. Your wife is truly a gem of a lady. Hoping you have a continued great tour season-your friend..."

Tom K., Arkansas, USA

"Thanks... I appreciate your polite reply. Owing to your help, I'll have a nice trip."

Tomofumi F., Japan

Italian Alps motorcycle tours at Bozen

BMW and Honda riders enjoy our Harley dealer stop in Bozen.

Susten pass

For every pass there are 15 to 20 tunnels.

Only Alsace motorcycle tour logoCastles & Grapes motorcycle tour logo Burgundy & Swiss Alps motorcycle tour logo French & Swiss Alps motorcycle tour logo Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tour logo

"I hope all is well with you and you have survived the trip with the Morgan/Martin boys. We had a wonderful trip and have shared the memories with all of our friends. We appreciate the fine job you did, after talking to others who have taken similar trips; I am convinced we made the right choice with you. I have put together a DVD/video of our trip complete with music and titles. If you can play a DVD, I would like to send you a copy. Please let me know and again thanks for a wonderful experience. I’m sure you can look forward to us again, myself at the very least."

Ben M., California, USA

Stelvio pass

Enjoy the Stelvio pass on our Classic Alps & Dolomites tour.

Swiss Alps motorcycle tours

Even sport riders stop to enjoy these views.

"How are you ? (Come sta? / Wie geht es Ihnen?) We are very fine. (Molto bene./Uns geht es gut.) We traveled in Europe on August by your motorcycle for rent. We have taken a fantastic experience in this summer. Thank you for your help for our trip. We send the pictures of our trip..."

Tom K., Japan

"That's great! Thanks for your emails. I appreciate the rapid confirmations. It makes the planning so much easier..."

Warren S., Massachusetts, USA

Alpine motorcycle tours

Discover your own special stretch of the Alps.


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Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsTo celebrate our 30th anniversary, we offer an 8 days professionally organized and conducted Only Alsace scheduled motorcycle tour with guaranteed departures from 12 - 19 June and 4 - 11 September, 2018. Riding days on the Alsace wine route and German wine road offer many culinary highlights.

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