Tour views 2000

for great rides in the heart of Europe.

Bosenberg Motorcycle ExcursionsThis past season had more than a few good views, riding and otherwise, which we wish to share with you. Also included are rider comments from motorcyclists who have used our tour and rental motorcycle services in 2000 for a great ride in the heart of Europe.

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"This experience will go down as the most memorable, auxilarating, and exciting trip of my many long years. Thanks to both of you for creating such an experience. Both Doug and I appreciated your efforts. Hope to see you again soon."

Ray I., California, USA

"Once was great! Twice was heaven! Working on three!"

Bill and Suzanne J., California, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders)

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

It's time to wave goodbye and hit the open road.

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours on the Stelvio pass

We made it to the top.

"Well, fortunately for you guys we made it back to the U.S. !!! :-) The last half of our trip turned out to be a "trip from hell" as our Toronto to Mpls. flight was cancelled... Oh well. This did little to overshadow the fabulous time we had thanks to you and Ellie. It was a great experience for Rocky & I and I hope we (including everyone in our group) weren't too out of control for you. You both have great patience. Tell Ellie I miss her already and will definitely miss the laughs we had. I am wearing my new necklace and earrings at work today. I love them.... "

Carla and Rocky R., Minnesota, USA

"Woooo fuckin yah was that ever fun. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Just enough bad weather to make me promise to myself that I'll have to go back again, specifically Switzerland. I'm ready for a week long reunion in Andermatt. We took 31 rolls of film. ... We stopped at so many great castles I actually got "castled out". We only stopped at about 50% of the castles between Mainz and Koblenz over the course of two days. It was a close call but our favorite castle was a smaller one that Leon reccommended, Rheinstein. It was a real highlight of the trip. I'd reccommend it to future tour riders to arrive a few days early. Do the circuit from Mainz to Koblenz and back (avoid the tourist trap of St Goar and castle Rheinfells)..."

Cat and Maus L., California, USA

"Our memories of our trip are special; and yes, we tell (and show) everyone who'll listen (look) stories and pics of our trip.... The Alps trip continues to hold the Number One spot for all of our vacations."

Dorothy and Marlin B.R., Minnesota, USA

"Congratulations Leon, Maus and I are stumped. We had such a great vacation that we don't know what we are going to next vacation. What on earth could we do next time that would even equal our trip with Bosenburg. Our 31 rolls of film have been developed, the credit card bill will have to be wittled down over the next 4 months. But I'd be hard pressed to say it wasn't worth it..."

Cat and Maus L., California, USA

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours in Berner Oberland

Sunshine is returning and rain suits need to be packed away.

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours at Hornberg

We are ready to ride, if you are.

"Hello, my fellow riding companions... Thank you all for adding such excellent company during what I consider an incredible, extraordinary experience (a little understatement here). But enough with the sentimental crap........ If you enjoyed the Raclette in Brienz as much as I did, and have zero options as far as a restaurant that you could satisfy your craving (This probably excludes Marcus). I ordered off the net, a Raclette oven and Raclette cheese......gave it a try tonight, and although it is not as good as when in Schweiz- It was great and gave me a taste of the good life... Anyway, I find it refreshing to leave the ho-hum, lousy San Diego weather ;) to escape to the Alps here and there..."

Steve G., California, USA

"Son ustedes la pareta ideal es excelante compartos, los espero en El Salvador."

Roberto M., El Salvador

"Muchas gracias par asta bonita experiencia."

Jose O.B., Guatemala

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours on San Bernadino pass

The Spluegen pass is next.

Only Alsace motorcycle tour logoCastles & Grapes motorcycle tour logo Burgundy & Swiss Alps motorcycle tour logo French & Swiss Alps motorcycle tour logo Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tour logo

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on my recent vacation. First of all the scenery was splendid and everyone was exceptionally polite and friendly. I started in Munich and then traveled to Berchtesgaden, Zell am See, Grossglockner, Innsbruck, Wipp and Stubai valleys, Brenner pass (via Ellboegenstrasse), the Oetz valley, Piller Pass, Switzerland, Bregenz, Fuessen, and back to Munich. About 1700 km in 5 days. Unfortunately, I got rained on quite a bit (and some snow, too!), but the roads were excellent. The mountain switchbacks (spitz kehre) are an absolute joy on a motorcycle. Doing them in the rain and snow is scary, but my skills have subsequently improved tremendously as a result.... the Alps are so beautiful that I would like to return. Maybe even next summer. Thanks for making your services available and I hope to see you in the future."

Mark J., Texas, USA

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours at Bozen

Harley t-shirts are appreciated by your friends back home.

"Guten Morgen Herr Heindel! I wanted to thank you for another excellent trip, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. However, have returned and since ridden the Ducati again, I have to say that it's a keeper. You should really try one sometime. Attached are a few "digital" pictures that are rather large in file size but better in quality. Note the one titled "cowonhelicopter". Hope all is well, give my regards to Elly."

Marcus P., New Jersey, USA (repeat Bosenberg rider)

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours at Kastelruth

Park your bike and do some sight-seeing.

"Just like you said, great roads, poor roads, good weather, bad weather, we got it all and loved it all... Had a wonderful time on the trip - you both do a wonderful job. Thanks for the treats everyday!"

Barry and Deb G., Canada

"Thank you so much for the wonderful tour. We look forward to coming back. Take care of each other. All our best - Your assistant tour guides."

Steve and Kathy C., California, USA (repeat Bosenberg riders)

"It was a lovely tour through Austria (Grossglockner), Italy (Dolomites/Cortina), and eastern Switzerland (Offenpass, Fluelapass). Highlighted by Intermot and Oktoberfest... We are already contemplating returning for the Milan motorcycle show in Sept 2001. We would like to continue using your services for our future company tours in the heart of Europe."

Joe P., Massachusetts, USA

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours near Sursee

Lunch stops are always colorful and taste even better.

Classic Alps & Dolomites motorcycle tours at Waldsee

Group photos have spectacular backgrounds.

"Just a note to thank you for the great ride thru the Alps. The memory will be sweet as candy for years to come."

Tom W., Kansas, USA

"Wanted to thank you for a great experience in Europe these past few weeks. The bike was as promised, and the information provided made for a wonderful, hassle free tour. Thanks Again! "

Rob H., New Mexico, USA


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